Package com.objectwave.utility

Common behavior that is best served by one (or few) class(es).


Interface Summary
ActionIF Used in conjunction with at least viewUtility.VectorToButtons, this interface allows the user to specify a certain action to perform when some state is entered.
ScalarType This interface should be implemented by all classes which wish to be treated as a scalar type by the persistence layer.
ScalarTypeGeneratorIF Application-specific types implementing ScalarType should also register an appropriate implementation of this interface with the ScalarTypeFactory, so that the given ScalarType class can be created by the persistence layer.
SorterComparisonIF Inteface used by the Sorter class to assist allow the user to provide a custom comparison method.
StringifyIF Allows the user to define a stringify method for an object that may not be the object's toString() result.

Class Summary
ArrayEnumeration This is a handy class to perform an enumeration over any object array.
AWTEventMulticaster A version of sun's implementation.
BinaryTree A simple implementation of a binary tree.
BufferedRandomAccessFile Extension fo the RandomAccessFile to use currBuf.bytesfered I/O as much as possible.
BufferedRandomAccessFile.Test Description of the Class
CachedRandomAccessFile Extension fo the RandomAccessFile to cache the file until flush() is called.
CachedRandomAccessFile.Test Description of the Class
ClassTree A utility class that is similar to hashtable in that an object (or objects) are associated with a class.
Combinations The Combinations class provides an enumeration of all subsets of a group of n objects taken r at a time.
Combinatoric The class Combinatoric contains methods for performing basic combinatoric operations such as counting numbers of permutations and combinations.
DateHelper Convenience and helper methods relating to the java.lang.Date class.
DebugOutput This type was created in VisualAge.
DisplayPair Just like pair, this is an association between two objects.
ExceptionLogger Any time an exception is the source of a StatusEvent, we'll log the time and the stack trace to the log file.
FileFinder Useful for doing directory listings or locating a specific file.
FileList This type was created in VisualAge.
FileLock Write an int to the head of a RandomAccessFile to mark it as locked.
JarReader A helper class that assists in the manipulation of Jar files.
LockManager A simple implementation of a LockManager.
NonUniqueHashtable Extend hashtable to allowmultiple values to be associated with each key.
ObjectFormatter This class converts data from one type to another.
ObjectFormatter.Test Unit tests.
ObjectHolder Just holds an object.
OrderedVector This is a vector implementation that stores the objects in an ordered way.
Pair This type was created in VisualAge.
PathReader This is incomplete since the idea is not well thought out.
Permutations The Permutations class provides an enumeration of all permutations of an array of objects.
ReflectiveHelper A collection of functions that may assist when working with java's reflective capabilities.
ScalarTypeFactory This class is used by the JavaGrinder framework to create new instances of custom ScalarType objects.
SkipListElement Description: Class for a single node in a SkipList
SkipListMap Description: Class for a "SkipListMap" as proposed by William Pugh.
SkipListMap.Test JUnit tests cases.
StringCalculator A class which will evaluate stringified arithmetic / boolean expressions.
StringManipulator StringManipulator contains functions that assist with String manipulation.
StringManipulator.Test Using an inner class for a test case accomplishes at least two things.
SymbolExpander Includes support for expanded symbols given in the values of symbols.
SymbolExpanderTableModel Symbol Builder.
TempFileGenerator Create unique filenames and/or files.
ThreadPoolManager A simple thread pool implementation.
ThreadPoolManager.Test Unit Tests
Timer This class is based upon an article in JavaWorld.
Timer.Mode Description of the Class
Timer.Test Test case.
TreeCollection This class differs from the jfc tree implementation in that you never worry about TreeNode objects.

Exception Summary

Package com.objectwave.utility Description

Common behavior that is best served by one (or few) class(es).