Package com.objectwave.uiWidget

A new and complete uiWidget.


Interface Summary
LoginListener LoginEvent

Class Summary
BarChart Widget for displaying bar charts.
ButtonPanel A utiltiy class for creating a panel of buttons.
ChoiceGui A generic screen that allows one to have two lists and shift values from one list to the other.
ComponentList A list box of components.
DoubleList Provides a pick list of elements
DoubleQuickPick A widget for displaying a quick dialog containing two lists of items.
Histogram This class displays a histogram (bar-graph) of the given data in the given scale.
JPanelButton In a complex panel, sometimes it is desirable to replace a subpanel with a button which, when clicked, will present the given panel in it's own frame.
JTableTabbing This class is intended to provide for better tab support within * a JTable.
LoginEvent LoginEvent
MessageBox Used for displaying a quick message.
QuickPick A widget for displaying a quick dialog containing a list of items.
SimpleChoiceGui A two-list selection thingy.
SimpleDateTextField A replacement for the jclass.fields.JCDateTextField.
SimpleDoubleTextField A replacement for the jclass.fields.JCDoubleTextField.
SimpleFontChooser Real simple.
SimpleIntTextField A replacement for the jclass.fields.JCIntTextField.
SimpleOkCancelDialog A generic ok/cancel dialog without all of the persistence model stuff hanging off of it.
StateTextField Forces that values of a text field to either be blank or one of several values specified by the 'states' string array.
StatusBar For use with the StatusEvent support found in the package com.objectwave.event.*; When a status event occurs, this will display the message.
StatusBarBeanInfo Let super class do all of the work!

Package com.objectwave.uiWidget Description

A new and complete uiWidget. In general a UIWidget is a single class, however, sometimes a uiWidget will involve a collaboration of classes.

Logging into an application

This process is mix of custom application specific code, and some generic Logon support. The com.objectwave.uiWidget.LoginDialog contains a UserName and Password text fields. When the Dialog is closed, it fires a com.objectwave.uiWidget.LoginEvent. Every associated com.objectwave.uiWidget.LoginListener receives this event, however, what is done with the event is application specific. This class validates the login in some manor, and in some way communicates the success or failure of the login with the launching application class.


Suppose you wish to have List of values, much like a JList, however, you want a custom look to the elements in the List. You can obviously change the ListRenderer of the JList. This will provide a custom look to every entry in the List. However, it is just a Look. If your custom renderer was to include a JComboBox, it would LOOK as if there is a JComboBox on every line, however, the JComboBox would have no functionality. ComponentList was created to actually allow you to have a JList of fully functioning Components.