Package com.objectwave.viewUtility

This directory contains UI behavioral abstractions.


Interface Summary
PropertyPanel Allows for tighter interaction with property dialog.

Class Summary
BrowserControl A simple, static class to display a URL in the system browser.
ExceptionListener This will popup a dialog box every time an exception is the source for a status event.
FlexGridColumn Defines the constraints for a column of components in a FlexGridLayout container.
FlexGridLayout This is a new layout manager which targets the problem of laying out columns of components.
HeaderFooterSelection This class is a simple dialog which allows the user to specify files for the header and/or footer of some generated document.
MouseDispatcher Useful when using Swing glass panes.
PopupMenu Encapsulate all of the support necessary to support popup menus.
PropertyPanelAdapter Allows for tighter interaction with property dialog.
ResizableGridBagLayout This class is similar to a grid bag layout, but it automatically adds resizing capability.
StretchLayout This layout manager is neat.
StretchLayoutConstraints Constraints for the StretchLayout.
TextFieldChangeListener This class with call it's onChange() method whenever the given text field's value changes.
VectorToButtons Provides the ability to create a vector of buttons from a vector of data.
WidgetFunctions A collection of handy static methods which can be used with AWT/Swing GUI components.
WindowControl Some generic routines that will manipulate various UI properties.

Package com.objectwave.viewUtility Description

This directory contains UI behavioral abstractions. Not in itself a uiWidget, nor simply
a wrapper for an existing UI Control.