Interface SorterComparisonIF

public interface SorterComparisonIF

Inteface used by the Sorter class to assist allow the user to provide a custom comparison method.

Field Summary
static int EQUAL_TO
static int GREATER_THAN
static int LESS_THAN
Method Summary
 int compare(java.lang.Object a, java.lang.Object b)
          Compare two objects.

Field Detail


public static final int LESS_THAN
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Constant Field Values


public static final int EQUAL_TO
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Constant Field Values


public static final int GREATER_THAN
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Constant Field Values
Method Detail


public int compare(java.lang.Object a,
                   java.lang.Object b)
Compare two objects. The return value should be one of LESS_THAN, EQUAL_TO, or GREATER_THAN. These should correspond to some meaningful "a < b", "a == b", and "a > b", respectively.