Package com.objectwave.sourceModel

Interface Summary
ClassElement A source code file can be broken down into elements.

Class Summary
ClassSpec Simply a class element like all others (methods, variables,...) however this one is an innerclass.
CommentElement Holds a meta-model representation of comments.
CommonDef Method definition and variable definitions have common datatypes.
JavaClassDef This class represents the .java file.
JavaClassInfo Created:
JavaModel This class can almost be thought of as a GlobalDictionary containing a reference to all know JavaClassDefs.
JavaRelation Created:
MethodDef MetaModel representation of a MethodDefinition.
MethodDef.Test Unit test for this class.
MethodParameter Encapsulate the elements of a method parameter.
PackageDef This was originally only for package definition data, however, it turned out that the data fields are exactly the same for imports, static blocks, and object initializers.
TagReplace Title: Description: Copyright: Copyright (c) 2001 Company:
TagReplace.Test Unit tests for TagReplace
TagTable Title: Description: Copyright: Copyright (c) 2001 Company:
VariableDef MetaModel representation of a VariableDefinition.