Package com.objectwave.simpleSockets

Interface Summary
ReplyHandler Implementers of this interface can plug into the SimpleServer framework.

Class Summary
ClientSocket A Socket Wrapper class.
FileHandler Use the class as a parameter to SimpleHTTP to create a trivial web server.
Gateway A server that can sit between a client and a server to look like that server.
MutexServer This extension of the WatchdogServer manages mutual exclusion across process boundaries.
ServeClient Shell class for implementing multithreaded servers.
ServeHTTPClient Serve up data to one particular client.
SimpleHTTP A VERY simple server.
SimpleServer A Server shell for providing multithreaded application servers.
SocketProperty This is the class from which our simpleSocket server will get properties.
SocketPropertyDetail This may be a generated class.
WatchdogServer A Watchdog server to watch for unexpected client deaths.