Interface Summary
SqlConnectionFactory A connection factory will retrieve or create the necessary java.sql.Connection for communication with the database.

Class Summary
AbstractConnectionFactory Some basic methods that our connection factories may use.
AccessBroker Used for connecting to MS Access database.
AccessObjectFormatter Customize the formatting of dates for MS Access.
BasicTestBroker Generic test suite to exercise a broker instance.
DefaultConnectionSource Create new instances for the provided jgrinderConnection if a connection does not already exist.
EjbConnectionSource The connectUrl will be the DataSource JNDI name.
FileBroker A broker that will write persistent objects out to files.
FileBroker.Test Unit tests.
FileMakerBroker This will be the place for FileMaker specific implementation issues.
FileMakerObjectFormatter This class converts data from Java type to FileMakerPro type.
GlobalSequence Use a sequence called GLOBAL_UID_SEQ to generate primary key values.
HypersonicBroker HypersonicBroker - works with Hypersonic database
The following two SQL statements must be run to generate primary keys.
NullBroker This class will not do anything.
ObjectPool Provides some basic object pooling support.
ObjectPoolBroker Will use the object pool as an 'object' database.
ObjectPoolBroker.Test Unit Testing - Reuse the tests from BasicTestBroker
ObjectPoolQuery Used to search an object pool.
ObjectQuerySupport A generic class that can assist with the query of objects in a way similar to relational databases.
OracleBroker This will be the place for Oracle specific implementation issues.
OracleBroker.Test Unit tests.
OracleConnection This class allows for specific customization of the connection between the OracleBroker and the OracleDatabase.
OracleObjectFormatter Override the one change necessary for Oracle.
RDBBroker An implementation of the Broker interface.
RDBConnection A connection to the database.
RDBConnectionPool Manage multiple connections.
RDBConnectionPool.Test Unit tests.
SaveObjectsStrategy Figure out the order that the persistent objects should be saved.
SelectAndUpdate Use a simple strategy for maintaining a primary key.
TableSequence This PrimaryKeyStrategy involves selecting a sequence value from a table.