Package com.objectwave.classFile

Useful for the manipulation of java class byte codes.


Class Summary
AttributeInfo This class defines the generic Attribute type for Java class files.
BuggyLocalVariableAttributeInfo A specific attribute info.
ChangeClass A class that allows the manipulation of byte codes.
ClassFile This class is used to manipulate Java class files in strange and mysterious ways.
CodeAttributeInfo A specific attribute info.
ConstantPoolInfo This class defines an entry in the constant pool for a Java class.
ConstantValueAttributeInfo A specific attribute info.
DumpClass Display information about class files.
ExceptionAttributeInfo A specific attribute info.
FieldInfo This class defines a FieldInfo in the class file.
LocalVariableAttributeInfo A specific attribute info.
MethodInfo This class describes a Method as it is stored in the class file.
MethodReference A ConstantPoolItem that is known to be a MethodReference.

Package com.objectwave.classFile Description

Useful for the manipulation of java class byte codes.

The intent of this package is to parse java byte codes into class definitions. Its not a true decompiler in that you can't generate source, but I find it still has many uses.

Similarities and differences with JAVAP.
While javap provides a dump of a class signature (which is certainly useful) I've always wanted more from it. Sometimes it is usefull to examine the byte codes of individual methods (albeit infrequently). Another GLARING problem with javap is that it doesn't show you where it located the class. Its great that it finds the class on the classpath, but sometimes you need to know exactly which jar had the specified class. Another problem with javap is the requirement that all dependent classes are also on the classpath. With the code in this package, no such requirement exists.