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JGrinder - Solutions for common application needs.

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JGrinder initialy began as a solution for Object - Releational persistence. To support this involved the creation of many useful 'utility' classes and tools that could be used to accelerate any application development effort.

Object-Relational (OR) persistence refers to mapping of object oriented world to the relational world. This is necessary for most OO applications. I first encountered the OR problem with Smalltalk in 1993. As a consultant I traveled from client to client working with others to solve the OR problem over and over. While this work enabled me to refine the design by throwing out those decisions that just didn't work and keeping those that did, it was very frustrating solving the same problems over and over again.

When Java came on the scene, once again I was solving the OR problem, but this time with Java. I was amazed at how quickly previous smalltalk designs had translated to the world of Java. So, once again, throw out the bad, keep the good, rewrite. After completing this 'port/rewrite' of the core functionality to Java in 1997, several of my clients began to use this solution. So, while JGrinder is new to sourceforge, it's actually quite mature.

With the hopes of never solving this problem again, I, along with my employeer (ObjectWave Corporation), decided to release our solution into open source (LGPL). Of course, by now JGrinder was much more than just a persistence solution. To effectively solve the OR problem, we've had to develop many supporting classes that could be used for any application development.

Some of the code on this site have dependencies upon the following packages. You'll need to get hold of these on your own if you are going to build/run the JGrinder framework.

Read-only access to the CVS "JGrinder" repository is available both online as well as with a cvs client, accessing the repository at

Be sure to read the Help Documents to get started with JGrinder Persistence today!
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